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Programs and Events Schedule

Landlord/Tenant Assistance
Thea Costine
Tel: (413) 577-2187
115 Berkshire
M, T, W, Th: 8am-5pm
F: 8am-2:30pm

Off Campus Student Center
Tel: (413) 577-1005
314 Student Union
M, T, W, Th: 9am-8pm
F: 9am-5pm

HCR Customer Service Expectations
Exceptions to these standards will be noted in the yellow box on the homepage. Unless otherwise noted, customers can expect the following:

Monday - Thursday

  • Acknowledgment of voice and email messages sent in 24 hours.
  • Rental listing status acknowledgment sent same day if submitted by 4pm.
  • Housemate/Tenant Profiles posted the same day if submitted by 4pm, otherwise posted on the next business day.


  • Acknowledgment of voice and email messages sent next business day.
  • Rental listing status acknowledgment sent same day if submitted by 2pm, otherwise sent on Saturday.
  • Housemate/Tenant Profiles posted the same day if submitted by 2pm, otherwise posted on Saturday.

Saturday and Sunday

  • Rental listings and Profiles will be posted at least once each weekend day. Rental listings and Profiles that cannot be posted will be acknowledged the next business day. Other communications submitted on Saturday and Sunday will be acknowledged by the end of the day Tuesday.


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IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR EVERYONE: The 'Moving Off Campus' OWL is now being called 'Living Off Campus Certification'. Read more...

IF YOU'RE STRESSED about finding a rental in a house or small building, know that most smaller landlords are waiting for their current tenants to tell them whether they're planning to renew their leases.

Your landlord has 30 days to act on a request to return your security deposit. Questions? Read more...

Moving in or out and have COMCAST service? Need help? Contact your local Comcast Representative Travis Page Read more...

Sobrio Connects you to safe rides with designated drivers at UMass.

Welcome to the Housing and Community Resources website, part of Off Campus Student Services at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We provide resources for tenants, landlords, property managers, parents, and community members in the greater Amherst area.

For our students and parents the website provides information in the Resource Center on budgeting, leases and rental agreements, landlord and tenant responsibilities, setting up a household, family living, getting involved on and off campus, neighbor relationships, and much more. For landlords who rent to our students there are sample forms, average contract rents, checklists, and worksheets that will enable you to find tenants and form mutually beneficial landlord/tenant relationships.

Please note that the information found on this website pertains only to Landlord/Tenant laws in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you are viewing this website from another state you should be aware that this area of law differs significantly from state to state. If you are a University of Massachusetts Amherst student and have questions or concerns about the information here, please contact the Student Legal Services Office, (413) 545-1995.