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Read more... or stop by the Off Campus Student Center when you're here for NSO.

Want to rent to or live with a student Veteran?

Contact the Student Veterans Resource Center at (413) 545-0939 and let them know your interest.

HOUSING FAIR for International & Grad students

Heads up! No More Than 4 Unrelated Persons

can live in a rental unit in the Town of Amherst. This by-law applies to all types of rentals. In the Town of Hadley the limit is 5 unrelated tenants. More important laws and by-laws...

Welcome to Off Campus Student Services at the University of Massachusetts. We are located in the Off Campus Student Center, room 314 Student Union. The Off Campus Student Center is the on campus home for students who live off campus. Our Graduate, Undergraduate and Professional staff act as resources for students who live or plan to live off campus.

This website provides education, information and resources for prospective and current tenants, landlords, property managers, parents, and community members.

  • Students and parents can find housing, housemates, and roommates to share a bedroom, information in the FAQs and in the Resource Center on budgeting, leases and rental agreements, landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities in MA, setting up a household, family living, getting involved on and off campus, neighbor relationships, and much more. The Living Off Campus Certification or LOC also provides basic information for new renters in a 20 minute online training. Parents and others can use the LOC Guest Access button.

  • For property owners and others wishing to rent space to students or members of the larger Amherst community the Resource Center provides you with sample forms, average contract rents, checklists, and worksheets that will enable you to find tenants and form mutually beneficial landlord/tenant relationships.